For young people

I teach a variety of workshops for young people of all ages. They are usually fun, dynamic, and like most of my workshops lean towards experiment and self-discovery. I can teach poetry, fiction, or a mixture of both. They can take place on site, or can be structured around visits, both artistic (such as museums), and from other disciplines (such as biological field trips).

Support for Teachers and Youth Workers

“We can arrange a multiple-session project, where we decide what to co-teach and the best progressive structure to most benefit you.”

I also support teachers and youth workers in teaching creative writing, either in-session, or to grow in confidence in doing so over time. We can arrange a multiple-session project together, where we decide what to co-teach and the best progressive structure to most benefit you. One of the great things about supported collaborative delivery is we can create an enduring legacy of students writing creatively.

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