Bio of Missing Things

Merrie Joy Williams is a poet, editor, novelist, librettist, reviewer, competition judge, and educator, with an MA in Creative Writing. Here are some things which rarely make it into more formal biographies.

Some of her recent past achievements include winning The Rosamond Prize for poet-composer collaboration with composer, Anna Appleby. Krystallnacht, a chamber opera with Melissa Douglas, debuted in 2016. A former English teacher, she has also coached Creative Writing in schools (including in Bristol, Leicester, London), taught and in 2018 co-organised, in partnership with Arvon, the first national residential for debut BAME fiction writers. She currently teaches creative writing to adults in a variety of settings.

Her poetry explores loss, love, adolescence, the paradoxes and challenges of faith, place, and her second poetry collection (in-progress) in particular explores her personal history, through recorded oral stories from her late mother, personal travel and recollections, as well as archival research. She is open to invitations/collaborations, virtually, nationally or internationally, which connect her with her Mancunian and Jamaican roots.

Merrie practices meditation and prayer as part of an intuitive, holistic lifestyle, to help manage anxiety, amongst other things. She most often eats a low-carb diet,

She taught herself guitar during lockdown, and plays (just about!) just because she loves to sing, and invite others to join in. She hosts an open mic, ‘Feel Free’, because she loves to see people shine, in all their variety, and inspire each other, in a supportive joyful environment.

She loves the short story, a form she explores in both her writing, and creative writing teaching; A form she was indifferent to, until a residency with Historic England forced her to research and write one! Now reading stories by others is a favourite thing to do, which she does with a cup in tea in bed, and as a competition judge.

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